Be the Change – Social Entrepreneurship Education for Youth | Project Results

The “Be the Change” project, a KA2 small-scale partnership initiative co-funded by the European Union and executed by Zarika Association, Zavod Aspira, and ICAD Foundation, has successfully concluded with remarkable outcomes. The project aimed to promote and support social entrepreneurship in small towns and rural areas in Bulgaria, Slovenia, and Poland, fostering a positive impact on local communities. This article highlights the key results achieved through the collaborative efforts of the partner organizations.

Be the Change multiplier event in Kavarna, Bulgaria

Mapping of Social Businesses

One of the primary objectives of the Be the Change project was to conduct a comprehensive mapping of social businesses in Bulgaria, Slovenia, and Poland. The mapping exercise aimed to identify and understand the landscape of social enterprises, providing valuable insights into their activities, impact areas, and the challenges they face. The results of this mapping exercise serve as a foundational resource for future initiatives, offering a clear understanding of the social entrepreneurship ecosystem in the project’s target countries and regions.

Presentations of 9 Social Businesses

As part of the project’s outreach efforts, nine social businesses from the participating countries were selected for in-depth presentations. These presentations showcased a diverse range of social enterprises, highlighting their innovative approaches to addressing social challenges. The profiles of these businesses not only served as inspiration but also provided practical examples for aspiring social entrepreneurs and community leaders.

Presentation-KNOF Presentation-VELES Presentation-CPU Presentation Baba Deshka Presentation Vratsa Software Presentation NaChe Academy Presentation CETiR Presentation Kapias Presentation To Tutaj

Video Interviews with 3 Social Businesses from Each Country

To amplify the impact of the project, the partner organizations conducted video interviews with three social businesses from each of the project countries. These interviews delved deeper into the stories, challenges, and successes of these enterprises, offering a more personal and engaging perspective. The video format adds a dynamic element to the project’s outreach, making it accessible to a wider audience and inspiring a new generation of social entrepreneurs.

Education Resource: Online Course for Youth Workers

Recognizing the importance of education in fostering social entrepreneurship, the Be the Change project developed an online course specifically tailored for youth workers. This resource equips youth workers with the knowledge and skills to introduce social entrepreneurship concepts to young people. The course covers essential topics such as business models, needs analysis, and sustainable practices. Hosted on Zarika Courses , the online course ensures widespread accessibility for youth workers across Europe and beyond.

Project multiplier events

To spread the results and impact of the project, we organized several multiplier events in the three project countries. As lead organization, in Zarika we implemented the final conference which took place on December 11, 2023 under the title “Be the Change – how a group of young people from three countries fell in love with Kavarna”. The Zarika team decided to go back to a very important for the project location – the city where the youth exchange took place – Kavarna, Bulgaria.

More than 40 people attended the event, many of which were high school students, eager to learn more about more local and international opportunities. During the event, not only did we share results from the project activities but also the attendees got to participate in some of the project activities related to knowing themselves and developing their creativity. The event finished with informal conversations, introductions and a small cocktail party.

The Be the Change project has made significant strides in promoting social entrepreneurship and building a supportive ecosystem in Bulgaria, Slovenia, and Poland. Through comprehensive mapping, impactful presentations, engaging video interviews, and an educational online course, and multiplier events, the project has laid a solid foundation for continued efforts in empowering individuals and communities through social innovation. The collaboration between Zarika Association, Zavod Aspira, and ICAD Foundation exemplifies the potential of partnership initiatives to drive positive change and inspire the next generation of social entrepreneurs. As the project concludes, its results stand as a testament to the transformative power of collective action in shaping a more socially conscious and sustainable future.