Be the Change: Promoting Social Entrepreneurship in Rural Areas and Small Towns through Youth Education

Be the Change project, an Erasmus+ KA210 small-scale partnership project, is one of our long-term projects we just started. It aims to promote social entrepreneurship in rural areas and small towns. This project involves three partners, namely Zarika Association from Bulgaria, Aspira Institute from Slovenia, and ICAD Foundation from Poland, and will run for a year.

Be the Change kick-off
The project kick-off meeting took place in Trbovlje, Slovenia.

The project’s key objective is to educate young people about social entrepreneurship and equip them with the necessary skills to initiate and manage social businesses. To achieve this, the partners will undertake various activities, including mapping social businesses in rural areas and small towns in the three countries, developing a methodology and content for an online educational source, hosting a mobility program for young people aged 15-18, and disseminating the project’s findings through a final conference and multiplier events.

Be the Change logo

The mapping of social businesses in rural areas and smaller towns will help us identify potential case studies and showcase the impact of social entrepreneurship in these areas. This information will also help in developing relevant content for the educational source. The methodology and content of the online educational source will be tailored to the needs of young people and designed to be interactive and engaging.

The mobility program will provide a unique opportunity for young people to learn about social entrepreneurship and its practical application. The pilot phase of the educational source will enable young people to experience firsthand the challenges and opportunities of social entrepreneurship.

During a 5-day mobility we will organize in Kavarna, Bulgaria, we will receive important feedback by our target group, our beneficiaries. Additionally, the young people will be able to network and collaborate with peers from different countries, thereby enhancing their intercultural competencies.

The final conference and multiplier events will serve as a platform for disseminating the project’s findings and sharing the partners’ experiences. The conference will also provide an opportunity for stakeholders to discuss the potential for social entrepreneurship in rural areas and small towns and its contribution to sustainable development.

In conclusion, our aim for Be the Change project is to be a timely and significant initiative that will contribute to promoting social entrepreneurship among young people in rural areas and small towns. The project’s focus on online education, mapping of social businesses, a mobility program, and dissemination activities strives to yield significant outcomes and impact.

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