Unleashing Creativity and Poetry: Open Heart Workshop at Bacho Kiro Middle School in Pavlikeni

At Bacho Kiro Middle School in Pavlikeni, something magical recently took place. The classroom was filled with enthusiasm, artistic expressions, and the joy of learning. The Open Heart Workshop, organized by Zarika Association in partnership with Bulgarche Association, brought together 2nd, 3rd, and 4th-grade students, teachers, and a renowned poet, Lili Spasova, to explore the realms of creativity and poetry. This workshop we implemented in a hybrid on-site and online forms, funded by the European Youth Foundation as part of Youth Express Network‘s work plan, aimed to inspire young minds and empower them to express themselves through various art forms.

Open Heart creativity and poetry workshop Pavlikeni, Bulgaria

Unleashing creativity

The workshop embraced creativity in all its forms. Students dived into the world of poetry, uncovering hidden emotions and thoughts within themselves. With pens in hand and hearts open, they crafted heartfelt verses that reflected their unique perspectives and dreams. Under the guidance of Lili Spasova, a gifted poet, the students were encouraged to let their imaginations soar and discover the power of words.

Artistic explorations

Beyond poetry, the Open Heart Workshop nurtured artistic explorations through hands-on activities. Origami, the ancient art of paper folding, added an extra dimension of creativity. Students diligently folded intricate paper designs to hearts, transforming ordinary sheets into delicate works of art. The artistry did not stop there. Stones became canvases as they were painted with vibrant colors, adorned with symbols of love and affectionate hearts. Each stroke of the marker became a testament to the students’ boundless creativity.

Inspiration from the poet

Lili Spasova, a respected poet, graced the workshop with her presence, captivating the students with her eloquence and profound insights. Through her evocative words, she transported the young minds to new realms of imagination. Lili’s words stirred emotions, encouraged self-reflection, and sparked inspiration within the hearts of the students. They were truly privileged to have such a talented poet guiding them on their poetic journey.

The role of teachers

Amidst the vibrant energy and artistic endeavors, the Open Heart Workshop would not have been possible without the unwavering support and guidance of the dedicated teachers at Bacho Kiro Middle School. Their commitment to fostering creativity and nurturing the students’ artistic abilities was commendable. The teachers served as beacons of knowledge, igniting the passion for art and literature in their students. Their presence and expertise enriched the workshop experience, creating a nurturing environment for exploration and self-expression.

Open Heart creativity and poetry workshop Pavlikeni, Bulgaria

A journey of collaboration

The Open Heart Workshop was not only a collaboration between Zarika Association, Bulgarche Association, and Bacho Kiro Middle School, but it also symbolized the power of partnerships and the impact of united efforts. Thanks to the generous funding from the European Youth Foundation, this workshop provided a unique opportunity for the students to delve into the realms of creativity and poetry, as well as to receive some amazing gifts – and we know we all love cool gifts!

The Open Heart Workshop at Bacho Kiro Middle School in Pavlikeni was a true celebration of creativity, poetry, and collaboration. The students discovered the beauty of their own voices through poetry, embraced various art forms, and drew inspiration from a talented poet. This workshop served as a reminder that art has the power to ignite passion, foster self-expression, and create lasting connections among young minds. Zarika Association is proud to have facilitated this transformative experience, and we look forward to more opportunities to nurture the creative spirit within our youth.