Youth Exchange – EuroYouthVoice


Zarika Association is excited to share with you this wonderful youth exchange on the topic of the upcoming European elections, which is hosted by our partner organization MIHI Latvia.

EuroYouthVoice project aims to re-engage young people’s interest in civic and democratic processes in Europe, leading to awareness of the importance of participation in European elections 2024 and its promotion within their communities.

Young people, often considered the leaders of tomorrow, do not constitute just one segment of the electorate; they are the very pulse of emerging trends, ideas, and the dynamics behind societal change. In recent years, we’ve witnessed the growing influence of young activists and their ability to galvanize international attention on critical issues, from climate change to social justice. Their energy and idealistic nature make them a powerful force.

Yet despite their potential influence, young people historically have lower voter turnout rates in European elections compared to older age groups. This gap between their capacity for change and their electoral participation can result in policies that may not reflect the aspirations and concerns of a significant part of the population.


Sigulda, Latvia


02/04/2024 to 10/04/2024 (incl. travel)


6 Participants from Bulgaria (1 group leader 25 + 2 youth participants (18-30 y) + 3 youth participants (18-25 y)


The project will:

  • Highlight how young people can shape their national and European decision-making processes.
  • Cultivate critical thinking among participants in their approach to information conveyed online.
  • Stimulate the creativity of participants to initiate digital campaigns promoting participation in the 2024 European elections.


Hosting organization ➡️ MIHI Latvia


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⏳ Application deadline ➡️ February 23, 2024