ACT Training Course in Bansko, Bulgaria

Zarika Association is thrilled to share with you a learning opportunity we’ll be hosting this fall in the magical Bansko in Bulgatia! ACT – adaptability and creativity through theater – is a training course to cultivate your ability to adapt to change and embrace the unknown. The project is co-funded and supported by Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union.

Life is a constant adaptation. From changing jobs to starting university or ending a relationship, we are constantly having to say goodbye to things as they were and welcome the new and unexpected. In this training, we will focus on cultivating the skills we need to navigate these moments of transition. We will gain awareness of our own relationship with change and uncertainty, and create a playful and supportive environment to practice embracing the unknown.

We will use different experiential learning tools that involve play, creativity and connection with oneself and
others, such as theater improvisation, systemic theater, and embodiment.

The trainers team consists of Paula Valero Sancho and Bistra Yakimova. Partner organizations are ?? La Savia, ?? Foundation Youth Social and Cultural Development, ?? Nevo Parudimos Association, ?? Entrepreneurship and Social Economy Group EKO, ?? Educational and Cultural Center “On the wings of art”, ?? Cilento Youth Union.

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?Where? Bansko, Bulgaria ??

? When? 04/11/2023 to 12/11/2023 (incl. travel)

? Hosting organization ➡️ Zarika Association

? Looking for participants 18+ from the Netherlands ?? | Greece ?? | Ukraine ?? | Italy ?? | Romania ?? | Spain ?? | Bulgaria ??

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