Anna Dineva was elected a Board Member for Youth Express Network

We are thrilled to share some incredible news from the heart of Zarika Association – our esteemed member, Anna Dineva, has been elected as a Board Member for Youth Express Network! ??

In her role, Anna will be serving a two-year mandate as the Secretary on the Board of one of the most important European networks of youth organizations. The Youth Express Network is dedicated to fostering an inclusive society for young people, working tirelessly towards creating a platform where voices are heard, and opportunities are boundless.

? With a vision that aligns perfectly with our values at Zarika Association, Youth Express Network is committed to empowering and uniting youth organizations across Europe. Their dedication to building an inclusive society resonates deeply with us, as we believe in the potential of every individual to make a positive impact.

? At our organization, we take immense pride in being able to contribute to the development of Youth Express Network. Anna’s election to the board is a testament to our commitment to fostering collaboration, sharing ideas, and collectively working with other members towards a brighter future for young people.

? We are beyond excited to witness the incredible achievements that Anna will undoubtedly bring to the board during her mandate. Her passion for youth empowerment and dedication to fostering inclusivity align perfectly with the goals of Youth Express Network, and we can’t wait to see the positive changes she will drive.

? As we embark on this exciting journey, we invite you all to join us in congratulating Anna Dineva on this well-deserved appointment. Together, we look forward to creating a more inclusive society for young people across Europe and beyond.

Here’s to making a difference, one empowered youth at a time! ??

Anna Dineva Board Member of Youth Express Network Y-E-N