EmpACT4 Training Course Testimonial

EmpACT is a series of training courses aimed at increasing organizations’ capacity at project management, digital skills, facilitation, etc. It’s a program run by Coconutwork and today we share the testimonial of Simona – this year’s participant at EmpACT4, representing Zarika and Bulgaria.

EmpACT4 was a two-part Erasmus+ training course, coordinated by Coconutwork, with the goal of enhancing youth workers’ facilitation skills and providing organizational management knowledge that can easily be applied and adapted to the needs of different target groups.

Thanks to the Zarika Association, I had the privilege of being part of both parts – the first near Cabris, France, in March, and the second in Nea Makri, Greece, in May. Meeting like-minded people from more than ten different countries and working together to improve our skills was a truly inspirational and empowering experience.

Both parts were led by Gabriel Brezoiu, from GEYC.

Some of the topics we discussed while in France were organizational maturity, project management as well as financial planning and opportunities. During this week, I had the chance to evaluate and self-check the level and expertise I have on these topics and confirm my strengths and opportunities for development.

Facilitation was the main topic during the second activity of Empact4. During the first few days we looked at different tools and methods one can use while facilitating. We explored what types of participants we can meet and how to utilize their strengths in our sessions.

We then had the exciting task of creating our own sessions that we could lead by ourselves or in teams. My session was on the topic of giving and receiving feedback.

After the sessions, each of us had the chance to receive input and advice from the rest of the participants, which really helped us improve further.

Overall, the whole experience was great and allowed me to establish new connections and friendships. I am looking forward to applying all the knowledge and skills I acquired and working together with some of the organizations that are part of the project.

Photo credit: Rasa Liepina