EuroYouthVoice Erasmus+ Project Testimonials

The participants representing Bulgaria and Zarika Association returned from the EuroYouthVoice youth exchange in Latvia, which took place between April 2 and April 10, 2024. The EuroYouthVoice project aims to resume young people’s interest in civil and democratic processes in Europe, which leads to an awareness of the importance of participating in the European elections in 2024 and its promotion in their communities.

As a result of their participation, young people have created the Instagram page @evrofen, where they explain European political processes in an accessible language. Follow them!

We asked the participants for reviews of their project experience, here are their answers.

How would you describe your 3 -word experience?

Nikola: fun, instructive, adventure

Gabriela: growth, fun, unforgettable

Valentin: unforgettable, fun, memorable

Svetoslav: interesting, exciting, memorable

Desislav: escape from reality

Iva: challenging, adventurous and unforgettable

What did you learn?

Nikola: The stories of different people from different countries

Gabriela: I enriched my notions of different cultures and my knowledge of EU activities.

Valentin: I learned about the values and activities of the European Union as well as the upcoming elections.

Svetoslav: More about the culture and life of people from other nationalities, some functions of the EU

Desislav: facts about Latvian history, facts about EU functions

Iva: I learned a lot about the European elections, the culture and customs of other countries, but also interesting things for myself.

What impressed you the most?

Nikola: The new places I visited, the new foods I tried

Gabriela: The power of the different characters in the world

Valentin: Food, nature and cool people

Desislav: The view from St. Peter, the river passing through Riga

Iva: People and how friendly they are, ready to help you always

What are your main takeaways?

Nikola: Friendships

Gabriela: memories, lessons, knowledge and friendships

Svetoslav: Memories and good experiences

Desislav: Good memories

Iva: I will take the experiences, priceless advice and deep conversations with all the project.

The EuroYouthVoice project is supported and co-funded by the European Union. 🇪🇺