How to Spot Fake News?

A practical guide and infographic on spotting fake news and fallacies online

We live in times when critical thinking is crucial. Overwhelmed with so much information online, how can we recognize fake news? We wanted to share this infographic that one of our partners shared with us. It is a nice short version of approaches and strategies we can use to work with news pieces we consume. So, how to spot fake news?

  • Consider the source – click around the website, read more from it, and find out about its mission and contact info.
  • Read beyond – beyond the clickbait-y headlines there might be a whole lot more to the story. Can you find the whole story?
  • Check the author – do a search on the author, who they are, and what is their credibility.
  • Supporting source – click on the links, is the info they contain supportive of the story?
  • Check the date – sometimes old stories get reposted but that doen’’t mean they are still relevant.
  • Is it a joke – satire stories can feel real, so always check if it sounds too weird or eccentric.
  • Check your biases – do your beliefs affect your judgment?
  • Ask the experts – consult with a fact-checking website or someone who you consider an authority on the matter.

Applying all that advice will help you become better at spotting fake news.

What strategies do you use when it comes to recognizing fake news?

How to spot fake news Infographic