International volunteers needed for Fantasy Camp in Belarus | online

In 2019, Bistra had a transformative experience teaching English at a summer language camp in Belarus. Fantasy Camp was time spent learning, playing, and making friends while improving not only language skills, but also general communication, presentation, and people skills. We had so much fun sharing each other’s lives, cultures, and dreams.

Volunteering at Fantasy Camp in Belarus

It might sound like it’s challenging, but I’ve been raving that everyone should try teaching English as a foreign language or just take whatever opportunity to leave their comfort zone that comes up. And today, I have two opportunities with Fantasy Camp that I want to share!

Fantasy Camp is looking for volunteers for this summer: both for on-site and online activities with the kids. We invite volunteers who want to spend a wonderful and unforgettable time in a bit crazy (in a positive way) but amazing camp where you have an opportunity to share your language skills by teaching children aged 9-17 English (and if you wish your language as well).

?‍? The main requirements for volunteers are to be 18-50 years old (but if you’re outside this range, let’s discuss how we can include you), to be active and open-minded people who speak English well and to love children. Experience working with children is very welcome! Anyone who has a foreign passport (including Russia and Ukraine) and can travel to Belarus can participate.

Volunteering at Fantasy Camp in Belarus

Our “classroom” was anything but conventional. It’s amazing how much you can learn by playing, singing, dancing, telling stories, and having fun!

? The duration of each shift this summer is 18 days. Here are the dates for Fantasy Camp 2023:

1. 20.06.23 – 07.07.23
2. 11.07.23 – 28.07.23
3. 01.08.23 – 18.08.23

? The venue of the project is in the middle of the Belarusian forest in a sanatorium. Transport is provided (only in Belarus).

? Fantasy Camp team will cover accommodation, food, the program itself, and volunteers’ temporary registration in the camp. They don’t cover travel expenses to and from Belarus. Medical service in the camp is provided as well. Approved volunteers need to undergo a physical examination at their local clinic to get a medical certificate that they’re healthy and can work with children.

? Although being a volunteer teacher in person is such a blast and such a fulfilling experience, there is an option to take part online. You can conduct an English lesson, make a presentation of your country/culture, teach some useful words and phrases in your native language, play some games with the children, answer their questions (they usually have many of them!), and in general – do some fun things together (it depends on your imagination and possibilities)!

I have been an online volunteer twice and we had so much fun and learned so many things even when not being physically together. I know it’s been hard to travel around in the last few years, but why not create meaningful interaction and a learning experience while being home? I highly recommend this option for anyone, even for those who might feel shy and not confident enough – the kids are very supportive and just amazing!

Online volunteering at Fantasy Camp, Belarus

ℹ️ For more info, you can always get in touch with Zarika Association or send an email (with your CV) to We’ll be glad to have more awesome volunteers just like you!
? For photos and videos, check out Fantasy Camp on Instagram.

Looking forward to meeting you at Fantasy Camp (in-person or online)!