Ruraland Youth Exchange Recap

In the heart of Tortorella, nestled in the scenic Cilento region, 30 young minds coming from 5 countries across Europe got together for the Ruraland Youth Exchange. Here, amidst cobblestone streets and rolling hills, a vibrant cultural exchange happened.

Participants kicked off with ice-breaking activities, sharing expectations and fears while forging bonds through games like “human bingo” and rhythmic dances. They delved into the essence of rural life, painting vivid portraits of their hometowns and immersing in trust-building exercises.

Explorations extended beyond the village as participants met with local artisans, marveling at Laura’s sculptures and Giovanni’s metalwork. They savored the flavors of artisanal beer and danced and singed to the rhythms of folk music.

Each day brought new adventures, from scenic hikes through Cilento’s mountains to cultural exchanges in neighboring villages. As the journey was coming to a close, participants reflected on the bonds created and the lessons learned, carrying with them a renewed sense of purpose and possibility of living and thriving in rural areas and small towns.

In the embrace of Ruraland, these young ambassadors discovered the power of connection and collaboration, paving the way for vibrant rural communities and a brighter tomorrow.

This is what one of the participants, Radoslav Georgiev, says about the project: “The Erasmus+ Ruraland project in Tortorella, Italy was a great surprise for me! It was my first project. During the project, we were engaged in various social activities. The organizers had come up with activities in the first days that helped us get to know all the groups. We were introduced to different local artists and their crafts, we were shown how to make craft beer, how to forge iron, how to weave and how to make handcrafts and how to create designs of shoes. We had different cultural evenings where each country presented its own culture.One day we went on a hike to a beautiful waterfall. We were introduced to a Polish couple who went from being tourists to Tortorella locals. The week just flew by!”

The project is hosted by the Cilento Youth Union organization. The project is co-funded by the European Union. 🇪🇺