Training Course: Musical Intelligence in Youth Work

Zarika Association is excited to share with you this wonderful training course on the topic of musical intelligence in youth work, which is hosted by our partner organization Zavod Aspira.

? The aim of this training is to equip youth workers and youth leaders in encouraging musical intelligence in youth work. Musical intelligence is the ability to produce and appreciate rhythm, pitch and timbre or appreciation of the forms of musical expressiveness. During the training, we will break down musical intelligence and its application in youth work specifically.

? Music is most definitely a part of our everyday life, and it doesn’t only come through our ears from the environment but in the first place from within our body. Listen to your heartbeat, your breathing, your walk, and other rhythmic and melodic patterns you use all the time just because you are a living being. Some of the elements that are most important for music to exist are: rhythm, movement, sounds, and relations between sounds and tones, which can form a melody and harmony.

? Participants in this TC will:

  • Learn about and explore all of those musical elements
  • Get deeper and concrete experience
  • Express through music
  • Learn how to engage in music activities in a very natural and organic way
  • Improvise with body, voice and instruments
Musical intelligence training course

?Where? Trbovlje, Slovenia ??

? When? 22/11/2023 to 28/11/2023 (incl. travel)

? Hosting organization ➡️ Zavod Aspira

? Looking for participants 18+ from Bulgaria ??

? Get in touch and request infopack ➡️

? Apply ➡️ Get in touch with us and share about your experience as a youth worker and your motivation to join

⏳ Application deadline ➡️ October 29, 2023