ImproWaves: From Seaweed through Living Picture to the Worst Performer

A recap by Petya on ImproWaves E+ training course in Gran Canaria, Spain

The ImproWaves project in Gran Canaria inspired a lot of activities related to the sea. We started the first day and ended the last by the sea, but the difference in the group couldn’t be bigger between those days.

During the program, I was working on getting to know myself, my needs, and my body better. By putting the focus inside I could feel and get deeper into the person I am and see what I was happy about and what I wanted to improve. I decided on which characteristics related to a successful improvised I would like to focus on not just when being a creator, but also in every other aspect of my life.

In some of the activities by letting another person control my movements and body position I could actually feel calmer and more centered. So for example I could turn into a seaweed and let another person be the waves that give me directions. It also helped me build trust and connections with the great people in the project.

ImproWaves Erasmus+ Training Course in Gran Canaria, Spain

I couldn’t have hoped for a more generous, understanding, and diverse group of people to share these experiences with. I felt like everyone contributed their specific talents and energies in a way that I felt like nothing was missing.

Vero and Geri were our inspiring trainers who helped us learn. Thanks to their positive attitude and great activities we actually bonded as a group, had a lot of fun and took some big steps in the direction towards the goals each of us had.

In some of the activities we worked as teams to co-create living pictures or performances or other things. In those I really learned to listen to the other participants and complement and develop each other’s ideas. I also found out that by putting different minds together unexpected and beautiful things can emerge.

We also had the opportunity to meet some of the local people and organizations. I learned about the Atlas Association, which was our generous host and some of their interesting projects related to Gran Canaria. A lot of magic happened on the rooftop of the hostel and a lot of inspiration came because of them, their vision and bravery to do better for the community in La Isleta in Las Palmas and their island and archipelago.

Also, a lot of inspiration came from the participants in the project and I believe some long-term partnerships were born.

One of the most valuable lessons for me was that it is OK to make mistakes, even if you are working in a team. So one of my favourite activities was the so-called “Worst performance”. Where in a team we had to make the worst street performance on the streets of Las Palmas that we could imagine. All of the performances turned out really funny and a joy to watch. It was also very freeing to participate in such a performance and enjoy it from the other side as well. It also helped me to work on one of my main goals which was taking risks, especially when you are not very prepared for what comes next.

After making mistakes, co-creating, and experiencing the beautiful island of Gran Canaria together, the final day of the project was bitter-sweet. We entered the ocean together one last time hand in hand and no one wanted to let go. But eventually, we did so that we can go back to where we came from and be these better versions of ourselves that are not afraid to improvise in their art and every other aspect of their life and can help other people become their better versions.