Training Courses: EmpACT 4 – Project and NGO Management | Training of Facilitators


Zarika Association is excited to share with you EmpACT 4 – not one but two wonderful training courses on the topics of project and NGO management and facilitation, which are hosted by our partner organization Coconutwork.

The aim of these training courses is to enhance the organizational management of youth projects through innovative standards, to facilitate efficient utilization of results and improve the facilitation skills of youth workers.


Cabris, France

Nea Makri, Greece


05/03/2024 to 13/03/2024 (incl. travel)

21/05/2024 to 29/05/2024 (incl. travel)


Participants from France, Slovakia, Greece, Sweden, Romania, Spain, Poland, Turkey, Bulgaria, Italy, Latvia, Germany, and Hungary.

EmpACT 4 training course


✔️ Participants in these TCs will:

  • Learn how to apply lessons from youth projects to their organizations internal processes and interactions with target groups.
  • Be youth workers, non-formal education trainers/facilitators, NGO managers, or individuals with experience in the youth work field.
  • Take part in both training courses.


Hosting organization ➡️ Coconutwork ?


Application form

⏳ Application deadline ➡️ January 27, 2024