Youth Exchange – Ruraland


Zarika Association is excited to share with you this wonderful youth exchange on the topic of living in rural areas, which is hosted by our partner organization Cilento Youth Union.

Ruraland’s main objective is to create a path of professional and personal growth for young people living in disadvantaged areas through non-formal learning actions, exchange of good practices in the field of youth entrepreneurship, and entrepreneurship, involving young entrepreneurs from the host area.

Ruraland aims to give young people new visions for the creation of new jobs, for example in the emerging bio-economy, circular economy, and ecology. Bio-economy, circular economy, and eco-tourism require special attention in social and economic policies and can bring growth and prosperity to rural areas.


Tortorella, Italy


19/04/2024 to 28/04/2024 (incl. travel)


6 Participants from Bulgaria (5 participants 24-30 years old + 1 group leader 20+ years old)


The project has the following objectives:

  • to broaden the vision and sense of Europeanisation of young people living in geographically disadvantaged areas through the relevant themes
  • increase transversal and professional skills through learning by doing activities
  • encourage self-entrepreneurship through dialogue with young entrepreneurs


Hosting organization ➡️ Cilento Youth Union


Application form is below

⏳ Application deadline ➡️ February 15, 2024