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In this page, you will find projects Zarika Association supports as a contributor or as a media partner.

EQYP 2.0 builds upon the foundation of the original five pillars of the EQYP- European Quality in Youth Projects Standard of Quality, launched in 2016, and introduces an innovative approach that integrates three essential dimensions: Green, Social, and Digital. The updated version now evolves to meet the dynamic demands of the European landscape.

Through rigorous refinement, the enhanced standard sets a new benchmark for quality in European youth projects, ensuring they not only thrive in today’s context but also pave the way for a sustainable and impactful tomorrow. Zarika, together with other organizations from around Europe, contributed to creating the updated version, through an activity of Prisma Network and GEYC.

Here’s the link to EQYP 2.0.

VISYON project image

Values, Ideas and Stories from Youth ON stage – VISYON” is a 24-month long Erasmus+ KA3 European Youth Together project that aims to encourage youth’s social and civic engagement and ensure that young people have the necessary resources to participate fully in society.

The project is based on the 11 European Youth Goals (EYG) and designed to support the implementation of the EU Youth Strategy (2019-2027) by focusing on its three main areas of action: Engage, Connect, and Empower.

Here are links to the press releases.

The VISYON project proudly announces the completion of the “European Youth Diary” – a groundbreaking compilation born out of the collaborative efforts of VISYON youth local groups across Europe. The diary stands as a testament to the active engagement of young citizens in discussions about the 11 European Youth Goals, reflecting their thoughts, stories, and recommendations. The European Youth Diary is more than a collection of stories – it serves as a mirror reflecting the current state of European policies. Comprising the voices of 267 young Europeans, the diary aims to assess the effectiveness of European policies in achieving the 11 Youth Goals and proposes a roadmap for improvements.

The diary is available here.