Train the Boogie Trainers – Weekend Training

Dance is the hidden language of the soul of the body.

Martha Graham

Train the Boogie Trainers was a weekend full of dancing, cooperation, lessons learned and inspiration. Time to share some of the highlights!

Two teachers from Flying Steps on the Train the Boogie Trainers event

Looking back, it is hard to believe the whole event was just one weekend. In those three days that we spent together in Bansko, Bulgaria we did 5 workshops, 2 training sessions, an improvised party and even had time to make some cool videos dancing at the end in the beautiful nature.

The idea and the plan for the training

Let’s start from the beginning. The idea behind the Train the Boogie Trainers event was to put together experienced dance teachers, who have worked with different groups of people and see what kinds of insights they can share and how they can learn from each other. Five dance couples from Flying Steps swing dance studio embraced the idea and participated in this event. Each of them dance and teach boogie-woogie dance style. Some have more than 10 years of experience and other just a couple of years, but all have their different approaches and experiences, which will make them invaluable for the event.

Each of the couples had 1 hour to teach a group of people the same dance workshop that we had previously agreed on, but they could all make their changes in it, add what they felt was necessary and apply their own teaching methods to it. So far, nothing was too challenging or very different from what they usually do in their daily dance classes, so we added a twist.

Students picking roles for the dance workshops

The group of students they would be teaching was actually the other dance teachers and each of them had a role to play. The roles were inspired by people we had previously worked with and were things like “very shy”, “wants to be a professional dancer”, etc. For each dance lesson “the students” picked up randomly new roles.

Saying “the students” didn’t make it easy for the teachers will be putting it too mildly. This gave us the chance to discuss different experiences we had with people. It also showed us how the other teachers handle those situations.

After every workshop we had time to share and analyze. We also gave each other very constructive feedback.

Some insights for the work with people

Dance teachers work with people from all kinds of backgrounds and age groups. That is why it is so important for everyone of the group to feel safe and good while on their dance lesson. Dancing is a great mediator for people of different backgrounds, especially social dancing styles, such as boogie-woogie. It provides an environment which can be very productive for the group to put aside their differences and work together.

All dancing together boogie on the dance workshop

Also, each person in a group has their specific needs and a good teacher knows their students well and can help a person individually even in a big group. And they can make them be the best version of themselves.

A cool thing we did during the warm-up of one of the trainings was to make an exercise that requires a lot of thinking to perform. Since this was the begging of the training, it really helped so that everyone is on the same page and 100% there. This helps for a more productive learning process.

Since we are all dancers, our discussions often went towards certain moves and how best to explain them. For this the most experienced teachers had the best tips and approaches. The conclusion for this can be – sometimes you just need more practice. Even as a teacher you keep learning every day.

Trainers dancing

Even after the long days full of workshops, in the evening we still wanted to dance, so we made an improvised party.

And on the final day we made some cool videos dancing all dressed-up in the beautiful nature in Bansko.

Boogie dances from above in Bansko

And just like that the weekend was over. It was time to go home and show all we have learned. And get more practice and experience, so that we have even more to share with the other boogie trainers next time we make a Train the Boogie Trainers weekend!