Training Course: Naturalistic Intelligence in Youth Work


Zarika Association is excited to share with you this wonderful training course on the topic of naturalistic intelligence in youth work, which is hosted by our partner organization Zavod Aspira.

Naturalistic intelligence, as recognized by Gardner’s theory, encompasses the ability to understand and appreciate nature deeply, allowing individuals to fully immerse themselves in natural environments.

The primary objective of this training is to empower youth workers and leaders to foster naturalistic intelligence within their respective youth communities. By honing the skills necessary to engage with and appreciate nature, participants will gain valuable insights into creating enriching experiences for young people.


Trbovlje, Slovenia


20/05/2024 to 26/05/2024 (incl. travel)


2 participants 18+ from Bulgaria

Naturalistic Intelligence in youth work training course


Participants in this TC will:

  • Connect with nature and get more familiar with nature’s intelligence;
  • Experience and learn various methods and approaches that can help youngsters connect with nature and themselves;
  • Explore possibilities of bringing regular youth work activities in nature;
  • Share nature-based approaches and methods they are using in their youth work.


Hosting organization ➡️ Zavod Aspira

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⏳ Application deadline ➡️ March 31, 2024